Sunday, July 6, 2008


My results were posted today. Mashallah wo Alhamdellah I did extremely well. I'm proud of myself and at the same time thinking, first place wasn't that impossible. Next year, I can, I should and I will get it be'ezn Ellah. Anyhow, for now I'll make sure to relax, GET SOME SLEEP and enjoy the summer.

Summer plans? I'm going to be training at King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in August inshallah, doing Pediatrics and Surgery, 2 weeks each. I have an appointment for an American Visa on August the 2nd. If I get it I'll be going to Washington DC. on September 1st. We'll decide what happens next once we get there.

قال الله تعالى: ( وَمَا رَمَيْت إِذْ رَمَيْت وَلَكِنَّ اللَّه رَمَى) الأنفال - آية 17
وقال تعالى: ( إِنَّا لَا نُضِيعُ أَجْرَ مَنْ أَحْسَنَ عَمَلًا ) الكهف - آية 30

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